Welcome to this guide where you can find all the tools and resources needed to build your project on Stellar. Walk through the ‘How to get started’ section to get a high-level understanding of Stellar, consult the 'Developer Resources' for guidance to help you start building, and check out the ‘Tips and Tricks’ section for valuable insights from the Stellar Development Foundation team. Good luck!

How to get started

Interested in learning about Stellar but not sure where to start? Follow these easy 4 steps to become an expert in no time!

  1. Join the 'Intro to Blockchain and Stellar' workshop on Saturday afternoon, or take a look at these high-level overviews:
  2. Join the Stellar Quest mini-challenge to get hands-on experience with the tech of Stellar, collect NFTs and win awards! The best team wins the latest gen of the Apple Airpods, and there are participation prizes for in-person attendees.

Developer resources

Now you know how Stellar works, it’s time to start coding! Below are some key resources and tools you can use to build your project on Stellar.

First, a quick note: for these challenges, you'll be building on the Stellar testnet.  That's a requirement.  We want you to experiment in a sandbox safe from live assets.  You don't need to set up your own Stellar infrastructure to use the testnet: the SDF offers a public Horizon API instance that allows you to access it immediately and free of charge, and we encourage you to use it: https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/.

Documentation 📑

Project tools 🔧

Building a project using a technology you don’t know yet can feel like a lot. Don’t worry, you don’t need to start from scratch! These tools and resources are great building blocks to start developing on Stellar.