All selected submissions of the Stellar Community Fund who completed Proof of Intent in the latest review period take the stage and present their entries to the Stellar Community at large on June 23 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM ET.

Attend SCF’s Project Pitches and discover the latest and greatest built on Stellar and now Soroban! Anyone from the Stellar and Soroban Community is welcome to join, ask questions and provide feedback so candidates to improve their submission.

Session schedule

All sessions will take place on the Stellar Developers Discord in the stage channel, and you can add it to your calendar here. Last updated: June 20, 12 PM EST.

Time (AM, ET) Schedule
11:25 Stage opens
11:30 Introduction
11:45 SorobanPulse
11:55 EURC Soroban
12:05 Sorosorcerer
12:15 Paychant
12:25 SStream
12:35 Mica
12:45 Gateway FM
12:55 Lightecho Oracle
13:05 Tracee
13:15 Airswift
13:25 Pactta API
13:35 Phoenix
13:45 End

Guidelines for speakers

Each speaker has a slot of 10 minutes, which includes:

It’s going to be fast-paced so to ensure we’ll have a great session, follow these tips:

💁‍♀️  | Prepare and practice your pitch thoroughly. We will have to cut you off if you go longer than 5 minutes to save time for everyone. Be efficient and have everything at the ready! Here are a few tips on how to structure your pitch.

⏰  | Come early and join when the stage opens (which is 10 minutes before the event starts)

⚙️  | Attend the prep session on June 20th at 12 PM ET for a quick workshop and make sure your microphone works on Discord.

Guidelines for attendees

Few things to keep in mind:

🖥️  | To watch the candidates screen, you’ll need to click on it within Discord and exit when screen sharing ends.

👋  | We encourage you to ask questions after each presentation! Please use the chatbox to ask questions or ask to be unmuted to ask your question.

❌  | Any inappropriate or unconstructive behavior not in the best interests or spirit of the SCF will not be tolerated. Consequences include receiving a time-out and possibly being banned from the server. Be kind and supportive to your fellow competitors!

💁‍♀️  | If times up, feel free to leave any feedback in the project’s post on the projects forum channel!